Deployment Overview

The essence of the Manager UI is the deployments management. It allows you to easily create, delete and monitor deployments from a single UI interface. For an in-depth tutorial on how to create a deployment, please check our tutorial on how to create a deployment.

Once you log in to your Q-Sensei account, you will get an overview of all your deployments. In the example screenshot below, we have 2 different deployments and both of them are healthy.




Date, when the deployment was first created.


Date, when the deployment was updated. This field will update, when we perform upgrades or apply software updates to your deployments.


The AWS region, where the deployment was created. This is decided during the account creation process and cannot be changed.

Cluster Status

The cluster is ready to ingest events
Some of the services might be down and events cannot be ingested until the cluster is healthy again. You should check the deployment details, if the cluster status is down. If this issue does not auto-resolve, please contact us.

Connector Status

Events are being ingested.
The connector service was stopped in your local environment. This can happen either by manually stopping the connector service or if the instance was stopped.
The connector service is not ingesting events. This can happen either due to misconfigurations or network connectivity issues. The corresponding details will be shown on the Deployment Details page as we will see the next section.
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