By default, on all tabs, events, metrics or outliers are correlated with time. However, with Q-Sensei Logs, data points can be correlated with any custom field as required. The only condition is that the custom field should have a strict correlation with time. A few examples and use cases. 


Release version

For example, Q-Sensei Logs can be used to track metrics for different releases of a software where release version number is of the form MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH. For example 0.9.1 and 0.9.2:

  • Decide if the release is GO / NO-GO
  • Deployment dashboards & alerting to track newly introduced errors


Vaccine Testing & development stages

Vaccine testing and development follows a strict and standard set of steps.

  • Exploratory Stage
  • Pre-Clinical Stage
  • IND application
  • Phase 1 Vaccine trials
  • Phase II Vaccine trials
  • Phase III Vaccine trials
  • Approval and Licensure
  • Post-Licensure monitoring

With Q-Sensei Logs, data points can be correlated with these stages to achieve the following

  • Detect new or rare vaccine adverse events
  • Monitor increase in known adverse events
  • Identify potential risk factors with adverse events
  • Assess the safety factors
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