Brief overview over Q-Sensei´s APIs:

Q-Sensei API Used for
Facets API To get an analysis of facets for a given query
Contents API To return the search results (contents) for a given query
Search API To club the response from facets and contents API into one single HTTP call
Task API To perform tasks such as:
  • Upload data
  • Index data
  • Track task status
Control API To setup, start and stop Q-Sensei Fuse
Histories API To retrieve URLs from global histories
Settings API To retrieve previously saved settings from server in the form of JSON-structures
Index Mappings API To manage the mapping of facet values in an index

Q-Sensei Fuse is a cloud agnostic platform and requires only Docker to setup. The data upload process can be fully automated, and connectors can use Q-Sensei Fuse’s RESTful JSON API to upload events.

For Q-Sensei Fuse API documentation please refer

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