Q-Sensei Fuse is a platform for granular indexing and real-time querying. The focus is to build a platform that is simple, adaptable, extensible, and powerful to support a wide variety of analytical use cases over billions of data points.


Facts DB

  • NoSQL Key Value Pair database to store the objects
  • Stores objects in a compressed form on disk
  • A unique ID is assigned to each object and used as a pointer by other components (Index, API)

In-memory Index

  • Proprietary data structure optimized for in-memory querying and analysis
  • In-memory, but in addition saved on disk to prevent data loss in case the machine needs to be restarted
  • Highly optimized kernel makes the index fast and efficient

Task DB

  • All upload and index tasks with their statuses are stored in Task DB to monitor progress and retry if needed

Settings DB

  • User settings including recent searches, dashboards, alerts configurations are saved in Settings DB

Dynamic Service Registry

  • A highly available, distributed service registry to reduce the configuration effort required by an administrator or DevOps team
  • Each node, as it joins the cluster, registers a service (or services) in the Service Registry
  • Other clients use the Service Registry to discover providers of a given service
  • Clients also provide a number of health checks associated with services. This information is used to route traffic away from unhealthy nodes.
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