This tutorial shows you how to get up and running with your first deployment. 

Step 1: Create the deployment

On the Home tab click on Start New Deployment.



Enter the name of your deployment and click Create New Deployment.



Step 2: The deployment is initializing

The created deployment stays in “initializing” state while we provision resources. During this process:

  • All machines are placed in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) private subnet with no connectivity allowed from outside.
  • An API gateway is configured for your deployment, which uses AWS PrivateLink to securely send data to your deployment cluster in the VPC.
  • Later, we will see how to configure the connector, which will use the API gateway to send events to your deployment.


Step 3: Deployment is up and running

Once the resources are provisioned, the cluster status is "Healthy".



Click on the deployment to view details of the cluster.


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