Modify contract renewal terms using AWS Marketplace

This tutorial explains how you can upgrade your Q-Sensei Logs SaaS contract before renewal.


Step 1: Log into your AWS Marketplace account

Log into your AWS Marketplace account using the IAM user who has permissions to manage your subscriptions. Once you log in, you will see a few navigation links as shown below. Click on Your Software.



Step 2: Select Subscription

Under your list of subscriptions, you will see Q-Sensei Logs.



Clicking on it will show you the subscription details of your contract. From here, you can manage your subscription contract.



Step 3: View Contract Terms

Click on the actions dropdown on the right hand side and select View terms.



Once you click on View terms, you will be redirected to the page where you verify your current contract details as shown below.



Step 4: Modify Contract Renewal Terms

Click on Modify renewal terms as shown below:



Enter the details of contract renewal:

  • Contract duration
  • Contract Configuration

For example, you can upgrade your contract terms by changing the per GB data ingested in the new contract to 4 GB.



Click on Modify renewal to save your contract changes.




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