Q-Sensei’s Kafka Connector

Apache Kafka is an open-source streaming platform. Kafka is a highly scalable platform which connects applications that produce events to applications which consume events.

Architecture of Apache Kafka


Common Kafka Use Cases

Real-Time Data Processing

For banks or finance domain, it is important to analyze metrics in real time and trigger an alarm and block a fraudulent transaction. Q-Sensei Logs can be used to identify relevant features to build a ML model to classify transactions in real-time.

Applicant Activity tracking

User clicks, registrations, time spent on certain web pages, orders, etc. are events which can be sent to a Kafka Topic. With Q-Sensei Logs, you can perform exploratory data analysis to build predictive models.

Logs monitoring and alerting

Applications logs can be published to Kafka topics. With Q-Sensei Logs, logs and metrics can be used to correlate application errors with system attributes and perform root cause analysis.


For Apache Kafka or Confluent’s Enterprise Platform, you can directly use Q-Sensei’s docker based Kafka connector to connect to your Kafka cluster and forward events.


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