Q-Sensei Logs is fully featured solution for log collection, indexing and analytics which is built on top of Q-Sensei Fuse.

Log Management

  • Collecting, centralizing, and storing of logs at a high volume
  • Q-Sensei Logs connectors automatically collect logs from a vast number of data sources either on-prem or cloud environments

Log Analytics

  • Analysis of log events in real-time and in bulk after storage
  • Facets are built from each key-value pair in the log event
  • Multidimensional query engine to interact with facets and analysis in real time
  • Query Builder to build complex queries with ease using real-time analysis


  • Automated extraction of metrics or measurements from log events
  • Visualization of metrics on time series graph
  • Visualization of summary of metrics using reduction functions
    • Average
    • Min
    • Max
    • Sum
  • Metric correlation with all other facets

Automated Outlier Analysis

  • Fully automated detection of outlier data fields and outlier data points
  • 3 different methods of outlier detection supported out of the box
    • Box Plot
    • Standard Deviation
    • Random Forest
  • Visualization of outlier data points using time series graph
  • Optionally, configure grouping criteria for normal data points
  • Correlation of outliers with other facets


  • Create personalized dashboards to monitor new log events from a streaming data source
  • Choose from multiple widgets
    • Donut
    • Histogram
    • Time Series
    • Table
    • Notes
  • Share dashboard with multiple users


  • Pattern based alerting: Receive alert when a certain pattern occurs in your logs
  • Inactivity alert: Receive alert when a certain pattern does not happen in your logs
  • Outlier alert: Receive alert when an outlier data point is detected based on a certain criteria
  • Receive alerts for measurements or metrics
  • Choose from different alert mediums
    • Email
    • PagerDuty

Retention [Upcoming]

  • Analysis or log events from long term storage mediums like S3 buckets

Automated Unstructured Log Analytics [Upcoming]

  • Mining log templates and parameters from unstructured log events

Custom Applications

  • Custom use cases supported using advanced log aggregation (For example correlation of deployment metrics with Software versions)
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