Alerts promptly notify you of the new events using email, PagerDuty or Slack.


An alert configuration consists of the following.



This configuration is compared against the number of events matched by the dashboard query.


Time Duration

A fixed time duration in past from the current time. For example, if 1 Hour is the configured time duration, then the alerting service will collect events within the past 1 hour from the current time.

Following are the available time units to specify the duration

  • Hour(s)
  • Minute(s)
  • Day(s)


Comparison Operator

The comparison operator is used to determine if an alert is active or not. Following are the comparison operators

  • Less than
  • Less than equal to
  • Equal to
  • Greater than
  • Greater than equal to

The actual number of events and the configured threshold are compared using this operator.


Notification Medium


Emails are the default notification medium. The email address of the user who creates the alert is used as the sender address.


PagerDuty alerts can be configured either using the PagerDuty API integration or Email integration. Please check the next section on PagerDuty to understand both the options


Alert notifications can also be sent on Slack channels as webhooks.


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Learn how to setup PagerDuty Alerts

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